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About Koru International

How we help – we share knowledge and develop skills

In 2003 we founded Koru International to provide high-end executive coaching. We were frequently asked by our clients to become involved in organisational change projects where performance was clearly suffering due to issues of staff engagement and motivation at work.

Time and again what was evident was that no matter how much experience, or skills the leaders had, or acquired, the relentless push of increased work demands was having a toll on their wellbeing and performance. This in turn had a knock on effect that was adversely affecting their teams.

Understanding the influence a leader can have on the culture of the organisation, department or team, and energy of those around him or her, good and bad, is a key factor in the success of any organisational change and performance improvement programme. Leaders have to be able to be personally resilient to a work culture of increasing pressure.

The development of our Resilience TrainingWorkplace Mental Wellbeing Training and Executive Services stemmed from this. It is related to our genuine passion for supporting leaders and managers to achieve wellbeing for themselves and others, and to increase performance at work. We believe the two are linked.

We work with a mix of Corporate, NHS, SME, Government and 3rd Sector clients to deliver a range of high quality and innovative management training and leadership development solutions.