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Develop Resilience - Improve Results - Reduce Risk


Trained by HeartMath UK under license we are able to deliver HeartMath training programmes for the benefit of our clients. This includes bespoke training, half day workshops, and e-learning.

The HeartMath technique brings about (a) a conscious awareness of the ideal state for peak performance and (b) a sustainable technique for reaching that peak state. The learning shows how different patterns of heart activity, related to different emotional states, have effects on both cognition and emotions, and how you can achieve the desired state.

The Issue

At Koru we recognise that for many delegates just being told, even by an expert authority, to do something and it will improve your wellbeing and performance, may not get full acceptance.

How we help – we share knowledge and develop skills

We back up the skills we share with compelling and diverse worldwide research from the medical fields of neuroscience and neuro-cardiology.

We then show, by means of a biofeedback demonstration, live, what is actually happening to your body when you get stressed and importantly, how you can build resilience and not succumb to the adverse effects of stress hormones, such as cortisol, by following a learned technique.

Finally, we offer reassurance of general acceptability as Multinationals, Military Services, Government Agencies and Educational Institutions have all used the HeartMath system to develop resilience and improve cognitive and emotional function.

The science, biofeedback demonstration and significant references approach we take has proven very successful in the adoption of this performance enhancing technique by delegates.

After completing training, delegates will be able to understand and appreciate what is happening to the body physiologically during periods of increased pressure, prompting the likelihood of a stress response. The HeartMath technique aims to equip delegates with a long term ‘muscle memory’, so they have the ability to build resilience to possible stressful situations.