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Develop Resilience - Improve Results - Reduce Risk

Executive Coaching

Organisational change is often seen as a means to “do more with less”, a drive for commercial success (e.g. KPI’s, profit, growth, cost efficiencies etc.) and a vision of a desired culture that encourages best practice in leadership, teambuilding and communication.

At Koru we recognise that no matter what the inherent skill, knowledge and experience your key people possess, or indeed acquire, if they are not able to be personally resilient in the face of ever increasing demands that change brings, then their performance will suffer.

How We Help

That’s why our approach to coaching and mentoring starts with building the individual capacity of your leaders to be more resilient, so that the pressures associated with commercial objectives and desired culture changes have every chance of success.

We believe that is the difference about Koru’s executive coaching programmes that makes the difference.

Our coaching programmes also provide tools to help leaders and their teams achieve greater success in important tasks and projects. We coach leaders in gaining commitment from their teams to act and raise the bar on performance. With significant Corporate, Government, SME and third sector experience in senior roles, our qualified coaches and mentors inspire leaders to deliver the optimum behaviour that promotes the highest performance and levels of wellbeing in both themselves and their teams. Programmes include executive one to one coaching focused on dynamic leadership, individual performance improvement and coaching for employees in all roles during organisational change.

By empowering leaders and managers to be personally resilient to increased pressure and by developing their coaching skills, Koru leaves behind a coaching culture of ongoing performance improvement in organisations.