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Workplace Mental Wellbeing Training

Mental wellbeing problems are common. “No Health without Mental Health”, the UK Government’s implementation framework, identifies the necessity for employers to support and to look after the mental health of their employees.

By having objectives that encourage better employee mental wellbeing, employers will not only be meeting their social and corporate responsibilities, but moreover will reduce the costs associated with absenteeism and presenteeism. This is currently costing UK business over £1000 for every individual in their employ. (CIPD 2012).

How we help – we share knowledge and develop skills

We train your employees to identify the symptoms and early signs of mental health or mental wellness issues in work colleagues. We then train them in how to be proactive in the use of best practice in offering support and, if necessary, how to direct to professional help. Our courses develop practical skills and understanding around mental health issues, including stigma and discrimination at work. We are also able to support organizations with risk assessments, and deliver employee programmes that satisfy bespoke needs.

Our Courses

Mind-firstaidMind First Aid is a flexible modular course that covers the fundamental knowledge and skills that ALL employees should possess about workplace mental health. Delegates will also learn about the legal implications of behaving inappropriately or making assumptions around someone’s mental health and wellbeing at work, a real but often unrecognised financial and reputational risk to organisations.


Mental Health First Aid (England) is a certificated 2-day course that can also qualify for 3 credits in the National Open College Network. The content covers anxiety, depression, psychosis and suicide, how to recognise the symptoms and how to support individuals in mental distress.

After completing workplace mental health training, delegates will have the knowledge and skills to first identify early signs of workplace mental health issues in a colleague and then be able to use best practice in offering support