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Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Irrespective whether the root cause of the distress is located in employment or at home, and concerning work colleagues, friends or family members, job, health or financial worries, the net result can lead to serious deterioration in a person’s mental wellbeing and a significant drop in their performance.

Depression, anxiety, relationship problems, anger issues, phobias, OCD, PTSD and addictions to alcohol and drugs are a few of the emotional and behavioural outcomes that we have encountered in distressed staff. Regrettably there still exists a stigma and discrimination culture in some organisations relating to mental wellness and a reluctance by those affected to seek help.

How We Help

Whilst Workplace Mental Wellbeing Training can help change attitudes in organisations we recognise that some distressed individuals will be “in denial” about needing such support. Our approach is sensitive to this issue – it’s the outcome for the individual client we are interested in, not what one calls or labels the support put in place to help them recover.

Furthermore, using UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapeutic counsellors with an integrative approach in disciplines and methodology, we ensure that every individual referred to our confidential one-to-one sessions, has an experience tailored for their personal need and adapted to their preferential style.

At Koru, we believe that to achieve desired results for individuals experiencing mental distress or mental wellbeing issues, you need an empathetic, sensitive and diverse approach to the support offered because, simply put, “one size does not fit all.”