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Psychological Resilience, Physiological Resilience, Biofeedback

Resilience Training

Change management initiatives and employees being asked to do more with less can result in individuals feeling stressed out. This is regularly highlighted by increases in workplace absenteeism, presenteeism and poor performance.
Clearly an individual’s resilience to cope with increased pressure demands, and moreover thrive in such an environment, is crucial to an organisation’s success.
Stress, however, is often described as being “all in the mind” coupled frequently with a culture that if you are not “stressed” you are not working hard enough! Resilience is also deemed as the ability of an individual to “bounce back” after succumbing to the effects of such adversity.

How we help – we share knowledge and develop skills

At Koru we view things very differently – we believe that resilience is not about bouncing back after being knocked down, that’s recovery! Resilience, to us, is the capacity to deal with excess pressure demands and be able to call upon a reservoir of energy and skills to meet the challenge efficiently … that means not allowing events to stress you out in the first place. Increased pressure can lead to stress symptoms in an individual both mentally and physically – our courses demonstrate to delegates that with knowledge and acquired skills based on the latest scientific research including neuroscience, neurocardiology, sleep research and best practice, they can learn to raise the bar on their own fitness to perform, especially necessary when faced with increased pressure demands and adversity.

After completing the training delegates will have knowledge and skills to improve their psychological and physiological resilience, and therefore their ability to perform under increased pressure demands.